Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heaton Family Reunion SLC 2009

The Heaton Family Reunion was a success again. We started it off with a few hours at Raging Waters Friday night. The original plan was to be at Raging Waters all day saturday, but because of the weather to come on saturday we went friday instead. The kids loved it even though we were only able to be there a couple of hours, but honestly that was enough for me. Silas drove up a couple of hours after me and you forget how much your signifigant other helps out. It's exhausting to keep track of two kids around water! And mine seem to have no fear which makes it even harder.

Heaton Reunion SLC 2009

LOOK OUT for the SHARK!!!

Thanksgiving point museum. All the kids seemed to love this museum. It was all about dinosaurs. They got to see bones, aquariums, draw pictures, put together their own dinosaur, play in the water and sand, and dig in the dirt. It was pouring rain outside so this was perfect for our family to be together. Navey loved being able to find "little foot, and Sarah's skeletons" off of Land before time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Safety Town

Navey was involved in the Safety Town program that Hurricane put on. She got to go every day for two weeks for a couple hours and learn all kinds of ways to be safe. Some of her favorite things were going in the ambulance, in the police car, seeing the fire fighters dalmation character, and the best of all was getting sprayed by the fire truck. What an amazing program, she would still be going if it would only last ALL summer!