Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Just in case you can't tell what this is because as Navey has pointed out to me MANY times "it's crooked". This is a cat.

Our fabulous Aunt Sue came to spend Halloween with us.

Navey was "Sleeping Beauty" and McKenna was a "U of U Cheerleader". Aren't they just adorable! Yes I'm a little proud can you tell.

We took many, many pictures trying to get Kenna to look at the camera, but she was fascinated at her Aunt Sue's makeup. So this was the best we could do. GO UTES!!

Navey played the princess part very well. She actually woke up this morning and said "Mom, I am going to be like a princess today, I'm going to be nice to you. O.K.". Too bad she can't be a princess everyday because she was amazingly cooperative. Isn't she fabulous!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday....

I had a birthday on Monday and my absolutely fabulous sister, Suelyn came down and watched the girls while I went to St. George for a few hours. Who knew before I had kids that this would be the best present ever. When I got home Sue had Navey color some pictures for me. The top picture is me and Navey colored it , and the bottom picture miss Navey was able to spell what they had written. What a cute "Surprise".


Just another good ol' day and Aunt Sue was here, so lucky Navey had her hair done oh so FABULOUS! McKenna has her famous "cindy lou who" hair.

Monday, October 27, 2008

California October 2008

McKenna learned how to climb up the stairs and go down the slide all by herself. And let me tell you she was loving life. She was working so hard getting up and going down that of course she was sweating!

We went to a pumpkin patch and met Silas' Uncle Tom, Aunt Dawn and a few of their grandkids. McKenna was on the carousel and not to sure of what to think. I believe she was a little upset that we took out her binki for the picture. What are we ever going to do when it's time to take that dang binki away!

Navey, Olivia, and Sean. These are Navey's second cousins on the Cowden side. She became "best friends" with them almost immediately.

Navey and Sean on the train ride.

We took the girls to the park that had ducks to feed. They were following us after we fed them some fritos so Navey was a little nervous that they were going to come after us so she wouldn't focus on the camera. Seriously though, does she ever focus on the camera? NO! I've learned that the kids will do what they want so I find the best pictures of me and Silas. Someday we might ALL be looking and smiling.

Disneyland October 2008

McKenna hanging out waiting for all of us to go on "Soaring over California"

Cruella Devile, isn't this picture great!

Papa Ronnie, Navey and Silas watching the fireworks as they were on the "Tea Cups"

Me and the girls at the front gate. We were determined to get everything in so we got there around 10:00 am and left after 12:00 am! What a FUN day! This picture was taken around 12:10 am!

Me and Silas in Frontier land. They had Halloween decorations everywhere.

Halloween Party 2008

Donut eating contest....who could do it the fastest? Suelyn won, but no photo was available. I believe she was quite sick afterwards!

Mom's pumpkin casserole. YUMMY!

Cutest Puppy... Zaden!
Not so sure who won this fight, they both gave a good punch!!!!

Tyler (zombie), Brett(karate kid), Raef(batman), and Navey(sleeping beauty) watching our Brain Freeze drink!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stalei Farm Fun

Look at that innocent face, but what you don't know is she is about to walk oh so quickly over to that pumpkin pile and roll them off the hay.

So sad as she watched the older kids go on the train ride.

Lots and lots of corn. This is what the kids would land in after they went down the big tunnel slide.

Here we are at our annual Stalei Farm to have our pumpkins pick out our pumpkins. Little Miss McKenna was a constant battle; it was FREEZING so we had hats on the kids, but she'd take off her hat, we'd put it back on etc. etc. etc.! McKenna didn't quite understand the idea of picking out a pumpkin instead Kenna would roll the pumpkins off the hay bails. She did get to play in the corn, scream as she watched the kids go on the tractor train ride, (because she wanted to go, but was too small), be independent and push her own stroller, and that's about it.....thank goodness!

Stalei Farm Fun

On Monday we went with some friends of ours who also have a 5 and a 1 year old and picked out our pumpkins. Navey got to go on a horse and trailer ride, a tractor train ride, play at the farm park, & dance the chicken dance with the cow. We had a great time, EXCEPT we went on the COLDEST day possible. But as our friend kept saying as I was snapping pictures..."making memories".

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cowden Girls

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Hey, look here a new post.....finally!

Today I finally got pictures of the girls with their church clothes, and church hair-do's before NAPS! We had our ward split again so when we arrived to church we found out they were only having sacrament meeting. When we got home the girls still looked somewhat done up. Funny thing about our outfits today....Silas walked upstairs and we realized that the girls both had red & black dresses, Silas had a red shirt with black pants, and I had a black shirt with a black and white skirt. We were what you would say "color coordinated". This happens alot with me and the girls. I must get a color in my head and once we are all dresses we all have the same color on.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here's what's up!

So I've been informed it's time for a new post. I haven't taken any new pictures so I didn't post for a while, but then I realized that you don't need new pictures with every post. So quick run down....since we got back from our vacation life has resumed (dang it). We're both back to work and the kids are back on schedule; YEAH! Last weekend we had my little sis Suelyn and her new squeeze Adam come stay for a few days. We had a great time, Adam is very much into sports so Silas got to watch and talk about sports all weekend, and I got to visit! We also went into St. George and went grocery shopping.....I know it sounds boring but we actually split my list between the two couples and raced. It was Adams idea and what a riot! Then we played indoor minature golf in black lights, had dinner, and went out for frozen custard! Good Times! That sums it up sorry our life is dull, but I think I sometimes I prefer it that way.