Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Because

I can't believe I actually got both the girls smiling!

Navey LouAnn 4 years
McKenna Lee 15 months

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disneyland 2008

Disneyland Here We Come!
We have accomplished another year at Disneyland with the Nelson Family. We went our first year with my whole family (Heaton's), and we didn't feel like we got enough so for the past two years the Nelsons have come along with us to Disneyland. They are so much fun and easy going that it makes us not want our vacations to come to an end!

Both kids adored the characters this year. When we went to see Mickey, McKenna immediately tried grabbing his nose and putting it in her mouth.

Cutest Kids! Navey, McKenna, Tayli, & Dacen

Here's the gang again. I must mention Sadie (Si's sister) was behind the camera taking the picture. The camera person always seems to get left out! I know because I'm usually that person.

The Cowden Family loves Disneyland!

Disneyland Day 2

Finally after 3 years we have a picture in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers. I look a little rough because we had recently went on the rapids ride in California Adventure and I got SOAKED!

Funny thing about can find them anywhere, not just Disneyland and yet it seems to be one of the most favorite rides.

I can't believe I actually got a picture of McKenna without her binki. For some reason on this trip she became extremely attached to the plug, and if we ever took it out it went back in just as fast. She started to figure out how to keep us from pulling it out by putting a good bite on it. Which of course became a game for all of us!

After our last day at Disneyland we took the kids to the Disney toy store and let them pick out their own toy. Navey and McKenna had received some money from some clients of mine so we wanted to take a picture to show them what they each bought. Navey got minature Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. And McKenna got the same thing but bigger and squeezable!

Poor miss Navey was completely worn out after 2 days at Disneyland. She fell asleep before we got back to the hotel. It's amazing how well they will sleep after a few days of pure FUN!

Huntington Beach

Si helped the Dacen & Navey dig a hole big enough for a couple kids. Too bad we couldn't keep them in there longer. Ha Ha Ha

McKenna and Tayli loved playing in the sand. They also loved the water.

Si took Navey out as soon as we got there and helped her catch the waves. Isn't he the best Dad! What a fun kid Navey is; she got pretty dang good at riding the wave almost all the way to the beach.

Teresa and I boogie boarding! This year at the beach was so much more enjoyable than last year. The weather was great, the waves were good, and for the most part the kids were having fun.

What a "Smok'n Hot"couple!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

September Swimming

There are only just days left for swimming before it gets too cold, so Navey wanted to get in. She wanted me and McKenna to get in with her, but I'm too smart for swimming outside in September.

Another famous Navey pose.

Yeah, Navey can till float on her back.....swimming lessons really paid off this year.

Once again McKenna was really upset that she couldn't get in with Navey. Oh to be 1 again!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Navey and her Nana planted these sunflowers a few months ago and we are all amazed at their size. Karen (Nana) said she will watch people walk by and stop to look at these amazing flowers.

Cedar City fun

Silas and I took the girls to Cedar City this past Sunday to visit Silas' mom who has recently had a knee replacement and to visit Aunt Sue.

. We took the girls to this amazing park called "Park Discovery". It was built by donations and the design was taken from kids who were asked to draw what they would like to have at a park and then it was put together. Navey absolutely loves it here. Poor little Kenna hadn't taken a very good nap earlier so she was a bit tired and HOT! Suelyn came over to visit and I must say it is so fun having her so close by. Later on we went to Suelyn's apartment and saw her amazingly cute and CLEAN room. Hers is the cleanest that I saw. Good job Sue!


So this is one of those moments that break your heart when you look at the pictures, but in the moment you can't help but laugh. Do you think she was upset? She has found a whole new world now that she is walking....why she never did this crawling I don't know. Any way I was blogging (of course) and could hear her crying, but figured she was just being Kenna. So when I finally turned around this is what I saw.