Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sea World

Sea world was very HOT but a lot of fun. We got to see Shamu, the dolphins, seals, and many more animals. The kids had a really great time, even though we were all dying of HEAT. The raft ride opened after 12:00 so we all went on that to cool off. I got DRENCHED! Yes my hair was a mess, and yes I was trying my hardest to be ok with it all. Yea for ponytails!

This picture is to remind me of how pitiful McKenna was. She got heat exhaustion, and severly dehydrated in Sea world. The temp was 91 degrees plus, and she became very lathargic and wouldn't eat, drink or walk. That night we constantly gave her liquids, and tylenol she was much better by the next morning.

Sea Port Village

On the second day of our vacation we went to Seaport Village in San diego. It has shops, shops, shops, you could spend all day there. We window shopped, made a few fun purchases (sea shells) had lunch and just relaxed for a few hours before we headed to Anaheim.

Disneyland April 2009

Once again we made it to Disneyland. We had a magical time with Cam, Mike, Trees, Marc and families. I could stay at Diseyland for ever. We went on all the rides big and small, saw lots of characters, ate, laughed, and had a care free time.

The Beach

On our way home we made a quick stop at the beach to walk in the sand....BAD IDEA for my kids, and Camille's as well. The water was only 57 degrees and the outside temp wasn't too much warmer so we thought we could just hang out on the beach. McKenna had a whole different idea, it was all we could do to keep her from running into the water. Navey also couldn't grasp the idea of staying dry, she got her shorts a little wet. And 2 of Cam's kids fell flat on their face running away from the waves. Making memories is all I can say!

Guess who fell in? :( Brett and Raef were running from the waves with all the other kids, but the tide was coming in and they got hit by a HUGE wave.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Navey's Easter Cake

Navey and her Nana made this fabulous easter cake. Navey decorated all by herself. It was to say the least "sweet"!

Easter Weekend 2009

This year for easter we got together with about 4 other families and had a easter egg hunt. We hid over 100 eggs, but because we had so many kids we had to limit their findings to only 15 eggs each. It makes you feel bad that they can't just hunt until all the eggs are gone, but it seemed to work out. Sunday morning the easter bunny found are little darlings "again" and brought them matching dresses and candy. With the weather being so gloomy and cold we thought an inside egg hunt was the best way to go. The girls had a fun time with just the two of them that morning. I believe McKenna had m&m's for breakfast and Navey had what ever she could get into her mouth before I could stop her. Overall we had a great Easter day.

Navey's 1st Race

These pictures aren't in order...dang it! Navey had her first 1k race last saturday. She has been asking to run with me for quite a while so this was perfect. She asked me to hold her hand the whole way which was good so I could PULL her along. A 1k is barely 1/4 of a mile if that, basically is't around the block. Anyway about 3 minutes into it Navey tells me she is tired and needs a rest, so I assume she wanted to walk. Before I knew it she had let go of my hand and was attempting to SIT down on the sidewalk. I chuckled and told her it was a race and we couldn't be last. She did so good, at the end she decided to let go and beat me to the finish line of course. She got her own medal, which she informed me was just plastic, but cool anyway, a water bottle and a fun bouncy ball. What a fun morning!