Sunday, April 11, 2010


Welcome Cramer. We got the most adorable, lovable, playful, tolerant puppy you could ever want. Camille and Mike had cocker spaniel puppies about 7 weeks ago and they let us have one. The name is obviously a crazy one, so story time....we have a yellow lab that is named after Jerry Seinfield "Jerry" so of course one of his comrads is the hilarious Cramer. And that is how we picked the name. The girls LOVE him. McKenna might love him a little too much for my patience, but it seems to be getting better. At first she would have the biggest melt downs if we took Cramer away, or put him outside so she couldn't hold him, but now we have learned to distract her or bribe her with other things. :) All I hear from Kenna anymore is "I wanna hold Cramer", "Where's Cramer", "Hey, Hey, Hey" "Cramer bite me right here, look mom". And the list could go on and on. Navey has learned to hold him and play with him at the most appropriate times, after he has played and is tired! A puppy is not too much different than a newborn baby at first. Lots of holding, taking them out to potty, protecting them, and playing with them. Yes I was a bit hesitant at first, but just look at that adorable face, it's hard not to love that. It's been a fun addition and the girls were thrilled!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Back!

I will admit it's been a while since I have posted anything new. Not because I didn't want to because believe me it's been a weight on my shoulders to get caught up. I just never made it a priority. Tonight I had both the girls in bed before 8pm and Silas wasn't feeling well, food poisoning we think, so he was also in bed by 8pm. A evening to myself and that ladies and gentlemen is the only way I could FINALLY catch up.

The girls are growing like weeds. I keep looking at old pictures and can't hardly believe they have grown so much. Navey is such a beauty, and she is trying so hard everyday to be a good big sister and a good kid for her mom and dad. In her prayers every night she asks for help to be just that. She is loving kindergarten, and is in gymnastics and girl scouts. What more could a kid want huh?

Mckenna, McKenna, McKenna, what a little ham. She is a 2 year old through and through. She comes up with some of the silliest things to say that you can't help but laugh. She gets Navey laughing pretty hard sometimes. Food is "dewishous" a lot lately, she likes to shrug her shoulders and say "fine" after I ask her to do something she isn't too fond of. And her new favorite story is "little piggies", and insists we read it every night.

Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham

Navey had Dr. Suess week and today was his birthday, so of course to celebrate we had Green Eggs and Ham.


McKenna's new word when she likes something. "Dewishous"

March 2010

The girls both love to put makeup on so why not do it together. :) Navey is all about her eye shadow, and McKenna loves to do "wips".

Pretty "wips" Kenna.

It's Hailing.

Kenna kept getting scared of the lightning so her adorable big sister let her hang on.

Super Bowl Feb. 2010

As luck would have it, we have everyone coming down to Southern Utah to get out of the cold and enjoy some warmer air. As you can see it didn't seem to work out as planned. It was windy, and rainy almost the entire weekend. But leave it to Uncle Marc to find fun in the rain. He had the kids floating a boat down the gutter and chasing it along the way. Then he decided to get all the kids in his car, float the boat, and see just how far it could go.

Raef and Brett ready to launch.

We had our annual super bowl feast. The kids loved it too.


We had a project of putting a colage' together for the kids that wanted to. I loved seeing the personality put on paper that each one has.




Dam to Dam 2009

Navey was waiting with me to see her dad cross the finish line at the Dam to Dam race at Sand Hollow. She was sure "her" dad would be first. :) That's why we have these precious children to keep our self esteem high.

Not pictured - Me! I was behind the camera taking all the pictures. I didn't run the race this time.

Isn't pink a very becoming color on miss Shelly!! Last I checked it was still her favorite color. :)

Silas is the best at striking all sorts of poses!

Hurricane's Snow Day

Hurricane's Snow Day! Navey and Kenna couldn't wait to get outside this morning.

There is nothing better than seeing snow outside your window in the morning, but knowing that if you don't get the kids out there before noon it will ALL be gone.

You gotta love the grass that shows through your "pretty snow angel".

Dear Santa letters 2009

Thank goodness Navey knows what they each wanted. Navey was very helpful writing McKenna's letter, and she knew EXACTLY what McKenna "wanted". Navey also knew EXACTLY what she wanted.

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Fashion Diva!!

These are the moments that you are so grateful you captured.

Like Big Sister, like Little Sister. Another Fashion Diva!

I have a couple of clients who have loved our girls as if they were their own. They have been so generous through the years. Merry Christmas money from Al and Medrith.

I see you McKenna.

The were thrilled to see their very own bike for Kenna, and scooter for Navey from Santa Clause.

The girls got about 6 lip gloss's each and to this day McKenna asks for her "wips" so she can smear them ALL over her cheeks, lips, and chin.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ward Christmas Party 2009

Ward Christmas Party! McKenna was all too excited until she realized she was going to sit on Santa's lap.

Isn't she meant to "strike a pose". She had a list in her head of what she wanted for Christmas, and I believe she didn't leave a single thing out!

Those messy reindeer. Oats and Carrots seem to be the hit treat for some fun gifts in return. McKenna got a littlest pet shop, and Navey got sprayz'a art.