Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Cowden Family @ Hurricane Peach Days

Here we are at our annual Hurricane Peach Days. We had a really fun day it started @ 5:00 am for me. I ran a 12K fun run with my friend Karrie Nielsen. We we able to complete our 7.2 miles under the time we gave ourselves to finish. Then I rushed home got ready and helped Si get the girls ready for the parade. And let me tell you this parade is awesome, they throw so much candy that towards the end the kids don't even want to pick it up anymore because they are hot and tired and their bags are FULL! Then we headed to the park for more fun. We went with our friends and their kids and headed to the BOUNCE HOUSES! What fun it was, but it was HOT! We stayed and played for a few hours and then headed home for a quick break and crazy us we went back for more bounce houses, food, and fun! Then we had our friends Kurt, Mandie and their kids over for fun, and then Silas took Navey to see the fireworks! WHAT A DAY!

Navey Lou

McKenna @ Peach Days

McKenna just recently learned to walk, and she was being very patient waiting for her big sister to go on all the bounce houses. But once we took Kenna out of the stroller, it was a BATTLE to get her back in. This picture is a little out of order, we went earlier in the day to the bounce houses, then home for a nap because it got so humid and hot. We were honestly all SWEATING! So we came back later after we freshened up.

Oh how she wanted to join in the fun with the big kids!

Kenna is still very new to the walking stage, so we put on some squeaky shoes and they helped her so much. She was able to walk all over the grass (after falling and getting picked up numerous times).

Silas and McKenna being silly.....just moments ago she was flying in the air. Sure wish I had my camera out sooner for that, she LOVES it!

This is our friends little girl Gracie with McKenna. Gracie loves to be a mother to Kenna, it is too cute for words, and Kenna loves it!

The obstacle course....

Navey and her friend Kaylie had the best time in this bounce house. They got to climb through a tunnel, go over the wall, through another tunnel, and finally through the bars. Both times Navey got to the top of the wall she couldn't decide how to get down so we told her to jump. Of course it's not that far down for adults, but it's a bit more scary for kids. So what does she do.....jumps of course, what a trooper!

Peach Days part 2

Navey and Annabelle (our neighbor) riding the "cow train"

Bouncing in the "bounce house"

Navey, McKenna, and Silas (I am of course there, but behind the scenes taking the pictures).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

America's next top model

So I am totally kidding about the model part, but anyway Navey and I were bored while McKenna was asleep so we decided to take a few pictures since I haven't been posting new pics. on the blog I thought this would be fun. Of course miss Navey had to do her own poses, but I must say we had a lot of fun. Navey has started preschool and is catching on so quickly. She already is saying words and sounding out the first letter and telling me what the word begins with. She asks everyday what day is preschool day.

The Baby

Our darling "Baby Doll" has found her own love of her baby doll. She loves to put in a blanket and give it pats on the back and then hugs and kisses. She has finally had her teeth break through. She ended up with four in the front and two mini molars in the back. Kenna has also learned to walk. YEAH!!! She is still not to steady, but every time I turn around she as taken a few steps. We just have to be careful and not cheer after she has fallen to her bum, because then she thinks that is the trick and keeps doing it! What a funny kid!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Waiting for dad.....

Isn't this too cute. Navey & McKenna were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Silas after work. Why? They just miss him after a long day without him at home.

Navey Lou

McKenna Lee


Suelyn was ready to attempt her 360 on the kneeboard, but......

she only made it......

half way dang it!!!!!


Dad & Mom brought Suelyn out to College in Cedar City and stayed with us for the of course we had to go boating. Navey, McKenna, Mom, & Sue swimmin' around.

Grandma Lou with McKenna. McKenna loves the water so her fabulous Grandma Lou took her for a swim.

Dad A.K.A. Papa Hev(that would be Navey trying to say Kev). Dad tried to wakeboard and I can't believe I didn't get a single picture.

Every time we asked who wanted to tube Navey would want her and Aunt Sue. Navey had her Aunt Sue with her at every minute possible. What a awesome Aunt!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Boating Gang!

My darling nephew.......

Zaden found himself in the mirror, what a darling baby he is! I thought you'd like these Cam!!!!

Picnic @ Grandma Lou and Papa Kev's

Raef, Tyler, Brett, Navey, & Dacen having a picnic the last day me and girls were in Roosevelt.

Tubing Rocks!!!

Navey, Tyler (cool trick), and Raef. Navey loved it when Ty would do his stunts on the tube.

Steph, Mom & Trees. I believe on this ride Mom was yelling "it's tippy, it's tippy" because of the lack of air in the tube. She was correct because Sue, Trees, and I had a great CRASH. Oh yes my neck is a bit sore, but well worth it!

Banner, Stetson, & Ty. This was awesome, it may look as if they were riding the wake, but truely they were flying over it. I believe the next picture tells the rest of the story quite well.

There they are, this wreck could be one that's talked about for awhile. If you look close there are 3 boys out there in the water. Tyler went rolling across the water, Stetson had a cover over his cast which was to protect it from the water, but in turn it filled it up very fast and Banner was thrown head first into the water. I think this is the wreck we were all looking at on Camille's blog.

U.B.I.C. 2008

Tyler, Navey, & Raef watching the parade....that lasted forever!! But it was still fun!

More parade watching.

Sue brought Mom's old cheer megaphone, of course Navey had to borrow it!

Little Miss Kenna hang'n out.