Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quail Lake July 2009

We finally got the boat out, no thanks to the Thomas family for going on vacation for 25 days. Just the same we had a great time with us, the Thomas family and the Jensen family.

I need to note that after this boating trip Navey did get a new life jacket, being that she was at least 10 lbs. over the required weight, and a few inches too tall.

Silas wakeboarding and loving every minute of it!

Here I am, if you look close you can see the expression on my face which explains how scared I get, but yet I keep doing it. I am a pro-tuber!

The Binki :)

So here is the story....I've been known a time or two to put things down my shirt to keep them safe, dry, etc. And my little darling McKenna had noticed that her binki was being kept in that safe place. So when she was given the chance and needed to put her binki somewhere while she drank or ate guess where she put it.......
Ta-Da! Here it is! :)

Quail Lake....Thomas Family

The famous triplets.....Brooke, Bryce, and Brittan.
Matt hold'n on.....I believe not pictured is Matt falling off. :)

The woman of many names....
Shelly-Kidd Thomas
Shelly Thomas
Coach Kidd
Sister Thomas
Mrs. Kidd
The list goes on.......Ha Ha Ha!

Darin the Great, or so HE thinks!

And lets guess who this little one belongs to? Hum? Not one of mine, she must be related to Shelly Thomas.

Quail Lake.....Jensen Family

Josh & Kids
Jess waiting for the ride of her life......I never thought I would meet someone who could scream as loud and often as me on the tube, but I believe I have met my match.

Josh in the air....

Josh on his side....

Josh under water!!!!

24th of July fireworks

If I am correct looking at the backs of their heads from left to right is Brittan, Navey, Connor, & Bryce.
Bless little miss McKenna once again she is SCARED! I have to admit I enjoy when she is scared because she says "hold you", and wants to sit on my lap and lay back.
Good thing Silas knew the camera was pointed at him so he could look so BUFF and THIN!

We seemed to have misplaced Kenna for this picture so I made sure she was in the next photo!

Sweet little thing!

24th of July parade

For our 24th of July they have all the primary kids dress up like pioneers and ride or walk for the parade. If you look close Navey is in the back left with the pink bonnett on.

Hello beautiful! Jess the Super Star! Pretending she was in the parade :)

Finally some Pictures......

The Hurricane Gang! So I must say that I have always thought I looked a lot better when I am running, but this and the other photos that I didn't post are here to prove me wrong. With only 20 yards to go I am feeling about how I look....miserable, but so glad it's over.

Silas the amazing!