Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cleaning the golf clubs

Every dads have his girls outside with him cleaning the golf clubs before you go play 9 holes. The girls were actually thrilled to be out there with Silas. I believe I heard Silas say "NO NO NO, Kenna" and I am pretty sure she was trying to put the toothbrush she was cleaning with in her mouth. YUCK! I must say I love standing back and watching Silas with our girls, they are very lucky to have such a patient, loving, hands-on dad.

Preschool Graduation 2009

Miss Navey has graduated preschool! What a fun year it has been. She has learned so many things such as, writing, reading, sharing, listening, singing, and just having a great time. Her teacher Mrs. Takou will be greatly missed this summer. Navey is very excited for her 5 year old school (kindergarten) and can't wait to meet her new teacher. What a joy to have your child love school, I can only hope it will last another 13 years!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Navey's 5 year Birthday

My beautiful, darling little Navey has just turned 5. How in the heck do I have a 5 year old, time flies! We had a great turn out for Navey's party, I believe we had 14 kids, 12 adults, and lots of WIND! No joke the wind was horrible, but it didn't stop our fun.

We played pin the nose on the Clown.

A fun silly game, roll the ball and keep it in the hoop, it's harder than it sounds; just ask the kids. :)

Navey had lots of fun presents to open.

Chocolate cake to eat.

The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse because we were heading to Disneyland the next day and one of the days was Navey's birthday.

More presents!!

One of the presents was a kite, how perfect with the weather conditions......lots of wind!

And the cutest thing ever, Navey got some GLITTER makeup from Grandma Lou and she had the best time putting it on herself and her cousin Tayli.