Saturday, July 26, 2008


We went on an early morning boat run, but of course so did everyone there wasn't too much glass for Silas to wakeboard on. He did awesome anyway!!

Navey and Kaden (neighbor) FINALLY were friends. They both like to be in charge so sometimes it's kinda ruff! I know what you are all thinking (Navey wants to be in charge, No way.)

Silas had me and Navey laughing so hard on this tube ride, after the picture we sat with both of our legs off the front, and I had to keep Navey from bending in half almost kicking my forehead going over the waves!

Once again little miss Kenna is sleeping. She is getting better on the boat the more we go. She finally knows the life jacket is just part of the package.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Doll

Trying to keep the amount of pictures all even with the little darlings.

Swimming Lessons




Navey learned how to jump off the diving board this year in swim lessons with out a life jacket, and she can swim to the side all by herself!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

24th of July

Navey got to ride on a trailer behind the tractor in the Hurricane parade with her primary.

Our friend brought her boxer puppies for the kids to hold while they were in the parade, Navey loved every minute of it.

Fun games at the park!
Navey had face painting done with her friends. (I have to add that Annabell on the far left is 9 months older than Navey. Navey is so lucky she gets to be tall, she will like that someday!)

Poor little McKenna, it was all she could handle!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The pose

Here is my favorite picture of Silas and I. We were taking multiple pictures trying to get one that looked o.k. for my 10 year reunion album. Isn't Silas the most handsome guy ever? I sure think so!!!!

The little Darlings

Here are my little darlings. We were being silly and taking pictures(behind the scenes is Silas jumping all around making funny noises, and laughing, trying to get Navey to have a real smile not a "I'm trying so hard" smile, and to also get Kenna to show her upper teeth that are just taking their dear sweet time coming in while we all suffer!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swim lessons

Navey has been in swim lessons the past couple of weeks. Each day for about 10 minutes they get free time at the end to play. Well this is what our darling Navey came up with to swim around; a life jacket too big, and some special goggles. What a goof ball! She is such a "fish" so with out question we have her in swim lessons most of the summer. She has become a great swimmer and can float on her back longer than anyone in her class.

The 3 girls

Here's a fun random picture of the three girls. Miss Navey is hidden in the back.

Kevin Heaton Family Reunion

Recently we went to Roosevelt for our yearly Heaton Reunion. The whole gang (20 of us) headed to Bottle Hollow a small resivor just outside Roosevelt. What a great time we had. We had two boats, tubes to ride in or on, knee board, wake boards, shade awnings, chairs, a motorhome, plenty of food, and lots of laughs! We all had such a great time, I can only hope we can measure up and have as much fun the following years to come.

Grandma Heaton

Grandma Heaton holding McKenna at the reunion. Grandma doesn't want to miss out on the excitement.

Heaton reunion

Mike, Silas, and Tyler getting ready for a wake board pull.

The Babies

McKenna 1 and Jayce 11 months just hanging out at the Heaton Reunion.

Who's one????

McKenna our darling little "baby doll" turned one on June 15th. Where does the time go?