Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

I woke up yesterday morning to a very excited 4 year old wondering if I had any "green" on. Yep, she got me with a great PINCH! McKenna woke up shortly after and Navey was quick to see that Kenna didn't have any green on either so she gave her a much softer pinch. You can imagine how the day went from there. I try to make these simple holidays memorable so for breakfast we had green icing for our toaster strudles and green milk.

If you look close we had to slip a green hair elastic around Kenna's wrist to avoid her getting pinched more than once.

Then for their bath I put in green food coloring. McKenna loved it, this was the first time she has had a colored bath.

Navey invited her darling friend Annabelle over to decorate cookies. They had such a great time playing in the flour, rolling out the dough, and then frosting their assortment of rainbow colored cookies. What a day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This particular post is for my darling cousin Katie, which if they would invite me on their blog I would be able to leave comments instead of posting. Hum something to think about??? Anyway, lately when I post it shows that I am doing it an hour earlier for some reason I know not, but to set the record straight the last two posts were 6 am not 5 am. I do have to run in the wee hours of the early, early, morning before Silas works, so when I get back it seems to be the BEST time to blog.....basically the little darlings are still asleep. And that is that!

Silly Girl.....

Silly Girl, McKenna found the pitcher cupboard a while ago, and has now been exploring her options of just what a pitcher can do.....lately she decided it looks absolutely fabulous on her head.