Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!!! 2009

Halloween 2009 here they come. My oh so fabulous Navey decided to be a witch, but not just any witch, but a Glamorous Witch. We had curled hair, glitter eyeshadow, mascara(which I can't resist with those lashes) and lipstick. And with the push of a button her dress lighted green with fiber optics.

And then there is McKenna the most adorable Minnie Mouse we have ever seen since Navey was just that 3 years ago. Bless little McKenna's heart for being a good sport, well as good as a 2 year old can. The ears and bow were a little on the heavy side so keeping them on was a challenge, but we did it. She learned oh so quickly how to say "trick or treat", and she would usually follow it with a "thanks".

I will hold a brief minute for your applause..............thanks. I know these aren't your award winning pumpkin carvings, but I did do them all by myself with the help of a very anxious 5 year old. :)

Gilligan's Island

Just in case you can't tell what we were for our Halloween Party, even though it is SO obvious, we were Gilligan's Island. Silas was the professor, I am Merianne, Shelly is Ginger (movie star) and Darin is Gilligan.

Kindergarten Halloween Parade 2009

Navey and her most favorite Gabe, walking in their Kindergarten Halloween parade. What a fabulous tradition that has been carried out since I was in kindergarten, and I'm sure many, many years before that. Just a quick jab to all of you who are older than me. :) I can remember walking the halls of the elementary school waving at all the moms and dads, but looking so intensely for my own mom.

Mrs. Creel as the candy corn, sure made it easy to find their class.

Yea I've been found. Say "cheese".

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

My sweet little Navey has been sick the past few days. She seemed to finally break her fever today, and after playing all day, as she was getting ready to climb into bed she says..."Mom I have ideas in my head again since I'm not sick anymore." This child has an imagination I can't even begin to explain, and how pitiful she could comprehend that she was too sick to have ideas in her head. Good news, she is back full force with all sorts of new ideas. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Precious Moments

So our house usually consists of a lot of noise, so when it becomes quiet you have to wonder what are they getting into. This morning was one of those quiet moments with both girls upstairs and I was downstairs. I began walking upstairs and I could here the most sweet endearing voices. Navey and McKenna were reading each other stories. These precious moments are why us parents don't go crazy half the time. :)

Story Time

These little darlings have been the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to me and Si. Everyday is different, with new laughs, cries, screams, silliness, and of course hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ohhhh Cute!

McKenna just couldn't resist hang'n out on Jerry's bed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Reception

Navey and McKenna waiting for their Aunt Sadie and Uncle Matt to arrive at the reception.

The Happy Couple

The girls adore their Aunt Sadie and this was too precious. They had just made their speech so everyone was coming over to congratulate, and Aunt Sadie stopped to give Kenna a little squeeze. :)

Matt & Sadie Reception

McKenna decided to find her way to the bride and groom, and cut in on their first dance. It was so dang cute I had to snap a few pictures before I grabbed her.
Navey was absolutely adorable. She danced and played ALL night.

This is Sean taking the picture of his girls; Hannah and Navey. Someone mentioned that we might need to break it to him that these girls are his cousins. He was such a ladies man.
Left to right....Uncle Tom and Dawn, Ronnie and Karen, Uncle Ron and Mona. These are Karen's brothers and their wives. Everyone made it to the reception except maybe one or two cousins. It was so fun to see all the family and put some faces with names that I hadn't met before.
After a long day, and some fun dancing McKenna was worn out.
There is something so special about your little ones when they have fallen asleep on you, and are just content to stay there.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Stayli Family Farm

Sue and Todd came down for the weekend. We decided to head to the Stayli Family Farm.

We all went on a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. Both girls got to pick their own pumpkin. Funny thing they each picked one that resembled their size.

This was classic; the wicked witch off of The Wizard of Oz. Of course Kenna thought it was scarry and wouldn't even look at it. Aunt Sue and Navey were too cute acting for the camera.

Each year they seem to add something new, this year they had the tire horse merry go round, and a petting zoo.

Aunt Sue and Uncle Todd doing what they do best, being the most fun ever.

The petting zoo was literally hands ON. They were able to walk right in and pet the animals. They had goats, baby cow, donkey, and a sheep. I was a bit nervous, this is a little out of my comfort zone to be right there in the pen with the animals. But as you can see my sweet girls are fearless.


Navey has been playing on a soccer team for the past 3 weeks. She can really get in the middle of it all and make something happen. She can also drift off to la la land during the game as well.
My favorite is logo on their shirts, it reads: RELAX we're just kids. Win, lose, or draw no one gets paid.

Check out those thigh muscles, she must work out. :)

Leave it to Navey and her MOM to take a picture during the game. In my defense, the green team had just made a goal and they were headed to the middle to receive the ball.

This game was against one of Navey's friends, McKendre.

St. George Marathon 2009

Funny little story: Jess and I were waiting at the Snow Canyon State park at mile 16 for Shelly to come by and read our sign. I had Jess hold a bottle of water just in case Shelly needed some while I was taking pictures. Well Jess decided that Shelly wouldn't want it so she put it in her purse. Well as Shelly was headed toward us she had this look which meant "where's the water". We did get it to her with only a few seconds that passed by.

Just in case you can't see the pink reads "Mel was here too" :)

Shelly made her goal and qualified for Boston. YEA!

Shane and Karrie N. I am amazed at anyone who can complete 26.2 Miles.

Shelly, Shane, and Karrie are 3 of the runners that I run with during the week in the early, early mornings. I decided to not run for numerous reasons which are all good reasons if you ask me. First of all anyone who runs 26.2 miles is a little crazy, I wanted to be able to walk to day after the marathon, and training would have been too difficult with my little darlings being so young and Silas having to work so early in the morning.

Bike riding

To help Navey get better on her bike riding we have been taking the girls out to Silas' warehouse to ride. Kenna brings her car, or big wheel with the "naked" baby. Heaven forbid she should keep clothes on her dolls, anyway they get to just ride or play with no worries on my end about other cars coming by.

Navey has gotten very, very good. She has been very patient, and keeps trying until she gets it. She loves to go to dad's "workshop".