Sunday, April 11, 2010


Welcome Cramer. We got the most adorable, lovable, playful, tolerant puppy you could ever want. Camille and Mike had cocker spaniel puppies about 7 weeks ago and they let us have one. The name is obviously a crazy one, so story time....we have a yellow lab that is named after Jerry Seinfield "Jerry" so of course one of his comrads is the hilarious Cramer. And that is how we picked the name. The girls LOVE him. McKenna might love him a little too much for my patience, but it seems to be getting better. At first she would have the biggest melt downs if we took Cramer away, or put him outside so she couldn't hold him, but now we have learned to distract her or bribe her with other things. :) All I hear from Kenna anymore is "I wanna hold Cramer", "Where's Cramer", "Hey, Hey, Hey" "Cramer bite me right here, look mom". And the list could go on and on. Navey has learned to hold him and play with him at the most appropriate times, after he has played and is tired! A puppy is not too much different than a newborn baby at first. Lots of holding, taking them out to potty, protecting them, and playing with them. Yes I was a bit hesitant at first, but just look at that adorable face, it's hard not to love that. It's been a fun addition and the girls were thrilled!