Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tubing in Brian Head

Papa Ronnie...what a kid at heart!!
Yes, you may all have a laugh on me.

Silas trying oh so hard to hit the forbidden wall.

Little Miss Navey, what a good sport she was. She was able to ride up and down the HUGE hill all by herself.

Bottom to top...Navey, Silas, Matt, Aunt Sadie, Papa Ronnie

Christmas 2008

McKenna's "learning puppy" from Grandma Lou and Papa Kev
Like mother like daughter. Ha Ha Ha!

This was McKenna's gift from Santa. I believe before too long Kenna was playing with Navey's and Navey was playing with McKenna's.

Navey's Doll house from Santa. I was just as excited if not more than Navey was.
We had such a fun Christmas this year. It was just our little family of four on Christmas morning and then Silas' family came down that evening. The girls woke up around 7:30.....I was awake before they were. We just took it easy, played and had some great family time!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day in Hurricane

Navey wanted to call her snowman or should I say snow-woman "Navey". She then she hid behind it and would only talk to me as if she were the snow-woman. What a goof!!!!!

McKenna kept trying to go into the road, so I finally figured out that if I sat her down she was STUCK!

We woke up to snow at our house this morning, but it had ALREADY began to melt so we headed out to play in the snow at 8:30 am. By 10:00 am Navey's snow-woman had fallen over and the snow was almost all melted. That's what we love about southern utah.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa & His Reindeer 2008

Navey got to see Santa at our Ward Christmas Party last saturday. She was so excited, and I believe she let him know she would like a "Big" doll house for her big barbies. Lucky us that's what she is getting.
These pictures are a little out of order, but we left oats and carrots for Santa's Reindeer and Kenna decided to share the left over carrot with her Elmo. The Reindeer left Navey and McKenna a surprise. Kenna got a little Elmo doll (which she has packed around and watches her Sesame Street with). And Navey got Disney's Jasmine polly pockets.

Here are the shoes that had the oats and carrots in them. Those messy reindeer got oats everywhere!! Navey was a little upset that she didn't get to hand feed the reindeer. But it's amazing what a fun surprise (new toy) will do to take your mind off what you were upset about.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gingerbread Houses



Mother Dearest


Saturday night we all got our "little darlings" in bed and got out the fun. Lots of laughs, good times, making memories!!!

Getting the Trees

The day after Thanksgiving we all went up to the mountains to find everyone a tree. Kenny has a couple of 3-wheelers (child size) and Dacen has a 4-wheeler. The kids had a BLAST! Dacen is a natural on those machines. Navey on the other hand couldn't quite understand to push gently on the gas. Lucky for all of us the 4-wheeler has a hand held STOP button which came in very handy. Dad also had is Rino and 4-wheeler. And Camille and Mike brought theirs as well. What a fun day. There wasn't any snow, but it sure was bitter cold with the wind.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2008

What a crazy holiday Thansgiving was for us. Silas, bless his heart, worked on Thanksgiving day so we could have a full weekend to spend with my family. That morning he went to work (early) and I needed to do a long run on Saturday so I switched it to that morning and ran my 6 miles. Then I came home packed us up and when Silas got home we headed to his parents for dinner. They had a wonderful dinner just waiting for us. We ate, packed up the kids and headed up north. Not sure how we did it other than we were driving at night so much less potty breaks etc., but we made it from Cedar in 4 1/2 hours.