Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Latest & Greatest

I have been looking at everyones blogs lately and realized that since I am going to be useing this as a scrapbook someday I probably should journal more than I do.
Navey, Navey, Navey, what more can I say. She is the life of the party, and the energy that keeps all of us going. She can be the most amazing big sister, so kind and thoughtful. If in the right mood, her and McKenna can play for quite a while. Navey has just started a chore chart with stickers, and she is doing absolutely amazing. She is now making her own bed, cleaning her room, playing nicely with her sister and friends, vacuuming, being a princess (basically not screaming and doing helpful things)and getting ready for the day all by herself. She has earned a trip for ice cream with her first 50 stickers, and at 100 she gets a movie night at home with mom and dad, and then 200 stickers she gets to go to the movies. She is oh so willing to do anything for a sticker. Navey is in preschool 2 days a week and is learning so quickly, she is sight reading a few words, sounding out others, learning to be kind to all her friends, listening to the teacher and following the rules, I am so proud of her. She will be 5 in April and the only thing she is constantly reminding me of is that she doesn't want to go to kindergarten because she will have to get a shot. She had a friend tell her all about her shot before she went into
kindergarten and Navey just can't seem to let that fear go, dang it!
Navey also loves being out doors. We are having some great weather lately and oh what a joy to send them out back and let them play. Navey keeps us on our best behavior, doesn't let us use bad words, and is for the most part trying her hardest to be cooperative. We sure do love her.

McKenna is 20 months now, and trying so hard to be a big girl. She loves to play with Navey whenever she gets the chance, or when ever Navey will let her. She is saying many words that only a mother can understand. She loves to be outdoors playing with our dog and cat, or just being outdoors. Kenna's new thing is to constantly give you a hug and a big kiss on your leg, foot, arm, face, wherever she can reach at the moment. One of the many routines we have is getting ready for a bath. McKenna has learned that her big sister brushes her teeth, and goes to the potty before she gets into the tub, so of course Kenna does the same. As soon as we walk into the bathroom she says "teeth", then after she finds the little potty seat and sits on the toilet, doesn't do a thing and then says, "all done, all done". McKenna is the best sleeper, bless her little heart for taking such wonderful naps everyday, and for also going to bed at 7:00pm and not getting up until 7:30am. She is such a little angel, but with a little temper as well. Who wouldn't need a little spit fire in them when they are the youngest, and can see that to be heard at times you have to be a little loud!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cowden Girls...

Valentines from Papa Kev

Papa Kev came with a "valentine" of his own. He brought the girls each a balloon and a "fun bag". We had my parents here for the weekend and had such a great time. Lots of visiting, Navey went on the Rino with Papa Kev, my mom and I did a little shopping, and we went out for a valentine "lupper"....that would be the time in between lunch and supper.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines from Grandma Lou

In Navey's defense she had just taken a bath. Her hair looks so special!

Sue's was from her Mother, not her Grandma Lou!

Rainy School Day

Last week on Navey's school day it was raining, so being a fun, exciting, fabulous mom (ha ha ha) I got a umbrella for her and her two friends to share, two seconds later there is a knock on the door. "We need one more". So I go get another and send them on their way. Not more than 5 seconds later another knock, "we need another umbrella we can't all fit". So I get a third umbrella, I should have know 3 little kids couldn't fit under one umbrella. Navey asked for all three umbrellas the first time they left, so I'm sure in Navey's head she thinks that if I would just do as she asked the first time ALL of our lives would be less complicated!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dance Dance Dance

Superbowl Fun!

Superbowl 2009

Good Times! We had everyone get together at our house for a superbowl weekend party! Yes it was a party! Everyone came down Friday night. We had Camille, Mike and their boys in one room, Steph, Kenny & Jayce in another room, Marc, Trees, and their kids in the living room which we made into a bedroom, and our family of 4 in our room. Oh wait I forgot to mention Suelyn and Raef slept upstairs on the couch. Mom and Dad voted for a hotel room and I can't really blame them, we did have 18 of us in our 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom house, but what fun it was.

Making Cupcakes

Aunt Steph always has the most brillant ideas and this time it was to decorate cupcakes. The kids loved it.