Friday, November 20, 2009

Disneyland November 2009

Another trip to Disneyland and most definitely not the last! November Christmas at Disney was amazing!!!

Disneyland November 2009

Winnie the Pooh!

More Winnie the Pooh.

Pluto was very loved this trip!

Ho Ho Ho!

Santa and his reindeer were there too. Navey and Kenna had made their own autograph books, and Navey even got Santa's autograph. Not too many kids with that one huh?

Kenna adored Pluto. She has a little pluto dog we bought last time we were there and she hasn't slept a single night without it!

What a "Goof"!

Toon Town Christmas Tree!

Little miss Navey was so so so fun. She wanted to pose for any picture, she would try to help Kenna not get impatient waiting in line for rides, and she was just a sweetheart! Love Her!

Just in case you couldn't tell...ha ha ha, Kenna was trying to pull off poor Minnie's ears! Sometimes the excitement is just too much to contain!

In Minnie's house it is adorable. Everything has sound or lights that you can touch. The phone will ring, computer talks, table has tea with magical cookies that appear, fridge opens, and the girls loved watching Minnie's dishwasher.

My darling McKenna was a little upset when we had to leave Minnie's house. These are the most precious moments that you rarely capture! She was "angry"! Kenna tells me fairly often when she is upset "I am so angry, mom". Who knew a 2 year old could learn to express her feeling so well. :)

You can't help but smile with a little chuckle when you see this!!

Disneyland November 2009

Navey heading into Donalds Boat!

This was the biggest highlight of Navey's day. She kept seeing all these kids with their faces painted. She even went to the extent of asking one of the parents where she could get hers done, and got directions to give me. How can you put a price on something so glamorous? But of course there's a price, but well worth it.

Navey ran up to Mickey and gave him a big kiss on nose, everyone around got a big kick out of that one. Navey could hardly contain herself!

Woody was a crack up. I wish I would of had a video. What a goof!

At the end of a Fabulous, but long day we hit the most memorable ride, Small World. Navey loved this one the best because it was warm inside. It got pretty chilly when the sun went down so we loved any warmth we could find.