Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas jammies from Nana and Papa

Navey's new best friend. She does whatever Navey says and loves all of Navey's ideas.

What an exciting Christmas night at Nana and Papa's



Santa remembered Cramer too. :)

Papa Kev loves his chocolate covered peanuts from Santa

How embarrassing....."Santa gave me underwear"

Navey was very anxious that Santa wouldn't know whose stocking was whose, so she made name cards and taped them on each stocking. Thank goodness someone is prepared at our house. :)

Christmas Eve jammies!

We had a fabulous Christmas. My parents came down and spent Christmas with Silas, me , the girls and Silas' parents. We all went out to dinner Christmas Eve with the Thomas'. We then headed back to our house to open the girls Christmas Eve presents (pajamas). Went to bed WAY TOO LATE. Woke up nice and early. Opened presents; yes Santa found us. Played, took naps, went to Nana and Papa's for dinner and opened more presents. What a Wonderful Christmas!!
Christmas 2010

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